Balsom and barnes

Interactive workshops tailored for you.

Load monitoring and management, a critical dynamic area of sports science, is now recognised as a key component of physical preparation to maximise performance potential and minimise injury risk. 
We offer bespoke innovative workshops to help delegates interactively learn and understand the benefits that can be achieved through best practice and evidence based physical preparation programmes.
Paul Balsom

Dr Paul Balsom is a highly experienced high performance football practitioner and pro-qualified coach, with over 20 years of international experience at the highest level of FIFA/UEFA football match activities. He is a regular speaker at International Conferences and an advisor and course instructor for the UEFA Football for Fitness working group.

Chris Barnes

During the past 20 years Chris Barnes has built and managed multidisciplinary support teams at the elite level of several sports and speaks regularly at National and International Conferences . He is an active member of the Executive Committee for the Football Medical Association (FMedA) and the Accreditation Committee for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES).