Paul’s workshops are tailored made to match the requirements of the audience. The content of each workshop will be presented in an interdisciplinary way which will facilitate the sharing of experiences between delegates.


Each workshop will be designed in close collaboration with the organisers, to meet the needs of the participating delegates.


Interactive learning involves participants gaining hands-on experience, a so called “learning by doing “ approach.      


How to justify innovative investments in staff & equipment based on Return on Investment principles will be discussed.


General information

Who will benefit from attending the course?

Workshops are suitable for anyone working in a team sport organisation at any level, who has an interest in or is involved in the physical preparation of players. Typically, delegates will include: Coaches/Coach Educators, Sport Scientists/Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Medical Practitioners (Physiotherapists/Doctors), Performance Analysts and Technical/Sporing Directors. 

How will the course be delivered?

The course structure will be defined to meet the specific needs of the organisers, e.g., from beginners to advance, for male and/or female players. Further support services such as mentoring of individuals and groups are also offered, again tailored to individual requirements.

Why should you be interested in organising this course?

The preparation of football players to successfully cope with the vigorous physical demands of training and match-play is complex, requiring a combination of theoretical knowledge and competency for programme design, review and implementation. The design and delivery of training programmes is  crucial to maximise performance potential and reduce injury risk in players.

How will delegates benefit from attending this course?

The workshop will be tailored to the requirements of audience, based on the latest best practice and evidence based methodology. The content of each workshop will be explored in an interdisciplinary way, which means that the knowledge and vast experience of the presenter or presenters will be complimented by the knowledge and experience of the delegates.

What will be the content of the course?

The workshop content is flexible and a final programme will be decided in collaboration with the organisers. A sample programme is available on request.